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Providing woodworking plans and projects that allow woodworkers with limited experience to build quality furniture with only basic shop tools.

If you know how to use a table or radial saw to cross cut and rip, and can set up your router table and make a dado, you've probably have all the skills you need to use About Time Plans.

The table or radial saw, the router and router table are the principle tools required. Power hand tools such as a drill motor, saber saw, belt sander and orbital sander will make the work easier and are tools most home shops have. The Revolving Bookcase and the Empire Grandfather Clock require a biscuit joiner. The plans come with detailed step-by-step instructions, all the illustrations you need, a complete materials list and cutting schedule, sources for hardware and clock movements, and even a list of definitions for the terms used in the plans.

A well designed quality tool saves you time and makes woodworking easier. A good plan does the same.

About Time Plans




Home Furniture

  The Lorraine Grandmother Clock   Grouping Tables
  The Winston Grandfather Clock  

Curio Cabinet
  The Empire Grandfather Clock   Bentwood Cradle
  Bookcases, Desk Units & Filing Cabinets  

Revolving Bookcase

Stacking File Cabinet  

Adjustable Bookstand with Lamp

Stacking Bookcase-Model 1  

Computer Table
  Desk Unit for Model 1 Stacking Bookcase     Resources Page

Stacking Bookcase-Model 2     Contact us at:

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